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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Validating all the mappings in a Folder (INF V8)

Following are the steps to validate all mappings in a folder:
Go to the Repository manager client
Create a query with parameter name and condition to retrieve the mappings in a folder as the following:
folder = folder-name
object type = mapping

Use the following Pmrep Execute query command to get persistent output file:
executequery -q [-u ] [-a (append)]

You can choose to display the result or write the result to a persistentoutput file. If the query is successful, it returns the total number of qualifying records.

Use newly created persistent output file as a input file in the following pmrep validate command :

Pmrep validate-i }[-p [-u ] [-a (append)][-b (verbose)]

You can output the results to a persistent output file or standard output. It also displays a validation summary to stdout . The summary includes the number of valid objects, invalid objects and skipped objects.

More Information
This is applicable to both versioned and non-versioned repository objects. You can also automate the validation by running this as a batch script inWindows or shell script in UNIX.