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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Parameter File for a Debugger Created Session

VAR_27016 Warning! Cannot find section for session in parameter file running debugger session

Problem Description
When running a debug session the session fails to initialize. This session runs fine from the Workflow Manager.

VAR_27016 [Warning! Cannot find section for session [DebugInst_session_name] and folder [f1] in parameter file [/opt/informatica/par_file/paramter.txt
A fatal error has occurred. Please see the session or server log for more information. Response from the server: ERROR: Failed to initialize session [DebugInst_DebugSession_ld_cmbp_site] Server execution completed. Debugger shutdown complete.

When running a debug session you must have an entry in your parameter file for the debug session. If you choose to create a new session when running the debugger, then you must include DebugInst_ prior to the session name in the parameter file. This is prepended to debug sessions created when running the debugger.

More Information
In the debug wizard, there is also an option to specify the parameter file to be used for the debug session.