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Friday, July 13, 2007

Production Support Issues - Informatica

what are the ETL production support issues that one comes across on a day to day basis.


Sangfroid said...

Hey this is a really good website in terms of content.Kudos. I am facing a small prob.wonder if u can answer tht. I have several sessions tht are running in parallel and they are inserting data in 2 tables. One of the table is common for all the sessions while the other is not. Lately the some of the sessions are failing because of db locks. I have to manually restart the sessions one by one. Is there a better way out?What cud be the prob and in wht areas shld I look out for? My email is imsangram99@yahoo.com

Anonymous said...

It could be coz of share locks of db, Dont you have option keep it sequential? Am not really sure, may be your session log can give some clue

Raamireddy said...

Really Very Good & Helpful information. Thank You for sharing this.